Matwork classes have a maximum of 12 people and are based around exercising on a mat on the floor.

All clients that join a matwork class must come through the beginners class unless they have previous experience - in which case they would need to attend a private 1:2:1 session to assertain the class level to join.


​Reformer / The Tower

The Pilates Reformer aids the development of core strength while working the arms and legs, and increasing flexibility. The moving carriage and resistance springs allow the client to lie, sit, kneel or stand while challenging balance, stability, strength, stamina and coordination.


The Tower system combine matwork with resistance springs that are attached to a frame on the wall. The tower enables you to build on your strength while improving your flexibility.

Elite Sports

Whatever your sport, your body's musculo-skeletal system will endure forces that will create imbalances. Sometimes these assymetries are crucial to your performance. Pilates can help to rebalance the body, whilst maintaining the necessary power and strength.

All Pilates movements are cued to incorporate core stability prior to movement to aid in increasing stamina, strength, coordination and most of all injury prevention.