A Bit about Me

KAREN GREEN (was Weeks)

I turned 45 in January but more importantly, married and am lucky enough to live just outside the beautiful city of Bath but even though I spend most of my time in the City, I'm still a country girl at heart.

Things I Love...Trying different Foods - attempting a new recipe..,  a "Good" Red Wine, Spending time with my Husband and my friends and I just love the Outdoors! Life is far too short to sit around and watch out the window!!


My interest in Pilates began over 20 years ago. I was looking for something that would balance out a sedentary job in Marketing as well as compliment my love of the gym. Pilates was that “something”.

In July 2004, I injured my back, unfortunately this resulted in surgery to resolve the problem. Taking some time out for rehabilitation made me realise how much of an impact Pilates had on the speed or my recovery as well as my mental wellbeing.

Was this Pilates itself or the incredible team that I worked with to get back on my feet?! Personally - I think a combination of the two…

As soon as I could, I embarked on training to be a Pilates Foundation Teacher. After completing the matwork course, I felt exhilarated; so much so that I immediately started the Studio Equipment Course, this took an additional 2 years to complete. Both Courses are headed up by Master Teacher Suzanne Scott in The Scott Studio; Castle Cary.

I have never felt stronger, life is awesome!


I work from a number of locations;

The Pilates & Osteopathy Studio @ Broad Street Place in Bath.

The Studio space is incredible, we moved from Milsom St to the new studio in July 2012 and adore working there.


Circle Bath Hospital within their Physiotherapy Department.

Here I work mainly on Physio and Consultant referrals. Integrating Pilates into the department has been a great learning curve for me, I work with many musculoskeletal issues as well as post surgery rehabilitation, which for me is my ideal. Once clients have come through their combined Physio / Pilates treatment plan, most carry on with Pilates at the Studio in Bath or one local to them.


Chilcompton Vilage Hall

I started Matwork classes in the Hall back in 2006. My clients have stayed, brought their friends, family and colleagues and the classes have grown.  


Previous Contracts / Recent


Bath Rugby

I worked alongside the medical team at Farleigh House, Intergrating Pilates into the Squads training regime. Working with them twice a week,I was able to use the main Pilates principles to help build a plan based on Alignment, Stability, Flexibility, Strength and Control for each player; relevant not only to their position and requirements on the pitch, but incorporating any previous or current injuries. The Reformer enabled me to work these principles into their on pitch movement patterns whilst incorporating a much needed stretching programme into the sessions



Plans for the future - Get you all to “Love Pilates” just as much as I do!!

Am also currently working on a Sports model to intergrate Pilates into Elite Sports as I did at Bath Rugby....